Service Truck Accessories

Outfit your work truck with everything you need to get the job done

Miller Welder mounted on service truck Welders: We stock a variety of welders including the Miller 250 amp gas. These can be mounted inside the bed with a welder cut out, on top of the side packs or with a welder deck.
toolboxes installed in a service truck Toolboxes: We carry several different size toolboxes to fit any cabinet on any Dominator. The most popular is a 41” drawer set with 250 lb slides (shown). View Toolbox Options
bolt bin installed in service truck Bolt Bins: The most popular sizes are 16 and 18 bins but can be configured to fit any Dominator cabinet. The bins are angled slightly downward keeping everything organized even in rough terrain.
spray in bed liner installed on service truck load space and sidepacks Bed Liner: Protect your bed with a spray on bed liner. We can also line the top of the sidepacks and the top of the workbench bumper.
halogen work lights mounted on a service truck Work Lights: We carry a variety of halogen worklights that can be placed around the truck to light your work area and load space.
LED compartment lights installed in sidepack toolboxes of service truck white and red LED Compartment Lights: LED lights in your compartments fit out of the way in the corners of your cabinet and help you find the tools and parts you need in pitch black conditions.