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Expansion of Service Coverage to Pennsylvania

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Expansion of Service Coverage to Pennsylvania

We are excited to announce that we've expanded our service coverage area to Pennsylvania. Our newest team member, Ben Kwisnek, joins us after 14 years qt equipment pace car in the natural gas industry, and serving in Iraq. Ben will be able to help you with truck mounted crane inspections and repairs, along with a host of other truck mounted equipment.

Parts Availability:

We are currently looking at our customers' fleets to get the right mix of parts inventory on the truck or close by. Currently we are stocking parts for IMT, EnPak, Boss Compressors, Auto Crane, and Stellar. We are keeping the most popular parts for cranes and compressors 1-10 years old including:

Transmitters Receivers Solenoids
Coils Wire Rope Hinges
Latches Limit Switches Filters (Oil, Air, Coalescer)

If you want to make sure we have the right parts for you, we can do the research with a list of your equipment model and serial numbers.

Services Available:

We will be set up to work at your location for all truck mounted cranes and compressors. We can also help with:

  1. Crane inspections on any truck mounted crane. Crane inspections are $250, and should be done annually. With the right parts, we F-750 Service Truck can do repairs at the time of the inspection. Includes a load test, and documentation.
  2. Compressor repair for any truck mounted reciprocating or rotary screw air compressor.
  3. DOT inspections for any vehicle in your fleet.
  4. Hydraulic, mechanical, or electrical repairs on any other truck mounted equipment such as lift gates.
  5. Class 4-8 Truck Repairs. We are not set up for major repairs such as an engine overhaul (and there are plenty of vendors that do this well) but we can handle basic repairs for a variety of diesel chassis on site.

Truck Mounted Cranes:

Our team is familiar with a variety of truck mounted cranes including telescopic, electric, tire service, articulating, drywall, and stick booms. Along with inspections, we can do PM work and repairs for:

IMT Logo Stellar Logo Auto Crane Logo Maintainer Logo Effer Logo
Fassi Liftmoore Logo PM logo Eliott Logo Palfinger Logo
National Hiab Logo Cormach Logo FEC Logo Manitex Logo
We are also well versed in radio remote repairs for many major radio remote OEMs including: Hetronic, OMNEX, and Scanreco.

All in One Units:

All in one units such as Miller's EnPak have surged in popularity over the last few years. These units have many benefits but can be a real pain point when they stop working. We can help with repairs on: Miller EnPak, VMAC Raptair, Boss MechanX, Vanair Air N Arc.

EnPak Raptair
MechanX VanAir Air N Arc


All of our Pennsylvania repairs will be completed on site. We try to make mileage easy for our customers with "Service Zones." We have done this in Florida for years and customers appreciate the simplicity. We have split Pennsylvania up into approximately 12 zones. To find out your mileage charges, please contact Nina Frischherz at or call 330-724-3055.


We work with some of the largest Construction and Mining companies in North America. Those companies require us to carry more than the average level of insurance for our industry. We have a $5 Million Umbrella Policy to cover everything we touch.

Fleet Management Companies:

We are currently set up as a vendor for most major fleet management companies including:

ARI logo Donlen Logo Wheels Logo Enterprise Logo

If you use a Fleet Management company like this and want to use us for service, it should be pretty easy to set up.

Getting an Account Setup:

If you don't have an account set up with us yet (or want to make sure you do) please contact Sarah Seabolt at or call 330-724-3055. She will look up your account, and get you the correct forms if you need to get an account set up with our accounting department.

Who Do I Contact For Service?

Ben Kwisnek

You can also visit the Pennsylvania Service page on our website for more information.