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Miller EnPak, 2014 Deliveries and the Redesigned F-750

2014 DELIVERIES: Any new factory orders after September 15 will probably be January deliveries. We have demos and stock bodies scheduled through December that we can deliver in 2014. Current inventory can be found at

REDESIGNED F750: Production on F750s will be shut down for a few months next year while production moves to Cleveland, Ohio early next year. The new models will have Powerstroke engines and Ford automatic transmissions as the only options. Gas engines are scheduled for late spring but Ford has not announced when diesels will be available. We’ve placed a large stocking order of 2015 750s with Cummins engines to help bridge any gaps in production.

IN HOUSE PAINT: We are currently installing a 34’ long, 14’ high paint booth and will start shooting Sherwin Williams Genesis paint by October 1. Bringing paint in house will give us greater flexibility on inventory and quicker turnaround on many of our units.

MILLER ENPAK: Miller’s EnPak allows your mechanics to work without all the idle time. It has a 20 GPM hydraulic pump to run your crane, a 60 CFM rotary screw air compressor, generator and an engine that is Tier IV Final. Out in the market for several years now, it is a proven product that is saving customers $1000s a year on fuel and chassis maintenance.

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OPEN POSITIONS: We have several open positions in Ohio and Florida. Current open positions are posted at