Boss Infinity Rotary Screw Air Compressor

BOSS truck mounted air compressor.  Hydraulically driven.

The BOSS Infinity Rotary Screw Air compressor has been in service for 8+ years. It is a proven product in the field.

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The advantage of a Rotary Screw compressor is that they are designed to give you Air On Demand and the harder they work, the better they perform. Within a few seconds of turning a Rotary Screw on, you have full volume and pressure.

Rotary screws need to be brought up to temperature and run for 15-30 minutes daily. If you run a rotary screw like a Piston Compressor you will not burn off the moisture inside the screws causing performance problems. If you like to cycle your compressor on and off all day, please think a Rotary Screw through before purchasing. You do not need an air tank with a rotary screw compressor. If you use an air tank, you may hinder performance if not installed correctly.

BOSS Infinity Compressors Offer:

We also offer rebuilds on these units. Call 800-824-0622 for more information on compressor rebuilds.

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