Entry Level Truck Builder

Team: Production
Location: Akron
Type: Full Time, Permanent
Timeframe: 30 Days

Position Description:

The first rung of the ladder. No experience necessary but good candidates will have some mechanical background even if it's just on the weekends. You’ll float between paint prep, fabrication and cleanup. Having a basic set of hand tools is excellent but not absolutely necessary.


• Weekly Pay
• Full Time, 40 Hrs / Week Minimum
• Overtime Available, Not Required
• Uniforms Provided
• First Shift Monday - Friday
• 100% Paid Hospitalization
• Paid Vacation
• 401(k) Match
• Long Term Employment


Our job is to help you develop into a well rounded, dependable technician. We will teach you everything you need to know but you’ll need to do the following:

• Work safely 100% of the time.
• Be on time for work 100% of the time.
• Zero unexcused absences.
• Pass drug test and background check.
• Be willing to learn and able to retain what you’ve learned.
• Take notes, ask questions.
• Be willing to take direction.
• Stay focused on the task at hand.
• Stay off your phone between breaks.
• Work cooperatively with your teammates.
• Tell the truth.
• Get comfortable operating heavy equipment safely.
• Learn how to safely operate commercial trucks.
• Climb 6’ ladder safely.
• Lift 50 lbs safely.

In short, if you’re unsafe, unreliable or difficult to work with we don’t care how talented you are, you can go work somewhere else. If you’re reliable and ready to learn (like the rest of our team) you can have a very long career with us.

Bonus Points

• Former Military
• Previous Truck Equipment Experience

About QT Equipment:

QT Equipment is a niche manufacturer that serves the construction and mining industry globally with locations in Ohio and Florida. We got our start as a warranty repair facility in 1982 and have been in the top 5 of our market every year since 2006. We have stable, hands on ownership. Many of our employees have been with us for 15+ years and we didn't lay anyone off or reduce hours during the 2009 Great Recession. We actively avoid "big company" habits such as meetings for the sake of meetings and just stay focused on building the best products for our loyal customers.

How to Apply:

Please send your contact info (full name, email and phone) with resume and / or whatever else you think best represents your capabilities to