Shipping & Receiving

Status: Currently Active
Team: Support
Location: Akron
Type: Full Time, Permanent
Timeframe: ASAP

Position Description:

This position is responsible for shipping and receiving for all teams in Akron. We are happy to train any gaps in skills or knowledge.

> Receive shipments of parts and other materials
> Inspect shipments for damage
> Identify short ships, missing or wrong parts, etc.
> Unload trucks with forklift
> Correctly stock parts so they are easy to find
> Take weekly inventory
> Inspect chassis upon delivery for damage
> Pull correct parts for future jobs to speed build times
> Assist drivers with loading finished trucks for delivery
> Assemble outgoing pallets and arrange shipping
> Assist parts with packaging large shipments


> Must be able to lift 50 lbs safely.
> Must be able to learn how to safely operate small and large forklifts
> Must be able to decipher shipping paperwork and identify problems early
> Must be able to quickly and accurately take inventory

Additional Details:

> First shift. Monday - Friday.
> Weekly Pay
> $5/ week healthcare
> 401k, Vacation, Disability Insurance

About QT Equipment:

QT Equipment is a niche manufacturer that serves the construction and mining industry globally with locations in Ohio and Florida. We got our start as a warranty repair facility in 1982 and have been in the top 5 of our market every year since 2006. We have stable, hands on ownership. Many of our employees have been with us for 15+ years and we didn't lay anyone off or reduce hours during the 2009 Great Recession. We actively avoid "big company" habits such as meetings for the sake of meetings and just stay focused on building the best products for our loyal customers.

How to Apply:

Please send your contact info (full name, email and phone) with resume and / or whatever else you think best represents your capabilities to