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Standard Lube Skid with New Oil, Salvage, and Grease systems. FOB Akron, OH

Condition: New
Equipment: 7'4 long x 49 inches wide. Steel constructed skid with (3) D-Rings vertical lift points and fork lift pockets.

New Oil. (3) 75 Gallon New Product Systems. All tanks are constructed out of polyethylene and include vented top fill. New products are air operated with Graco 5:1 air operated oil pumps, air regulator with gauge, Reelcraft hose reel 1/2" x 50' spring retractable hose reels, digital-metered oil control with rigid nozzle and non-drop tips.

Salvage Oil. 75 Gallon Salvage Waste Oil System. Air operated, Graco diaphragm pump, 4-way brass salvage valve (suction-neutral-discharge), Reelcraft hose reel 1" x 35' spring retractable oil salvage reel.

Grease. 120# grease system. Air driven high pressure Graco 50:1 pump, drum cover, tie down rods, and tank ring. Reelcraft hose reel 3/8" x 50' and high pressure grease nozzle.
Status: In The Works
Rental: Not available for rent.
Price: On Request
Last Updated: May 10, 2023