2018 Ford F550 4x4 11' Service Truck

used 2018 ford f550 service truck
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11' IMT DSC20 Service Truck with IMT 2020 Crane, BA440 Air Compressor. Toolbox & Bolt Bin. Approximately 136950 Miles.

Year: 2018
Make: FORD
Model: F550
Engine: 6.7L Diesel 0 HP
Mileage: 136950
Trans: Automatic
Color: WHITE
Options: 0
Condition: Used
Model: IMT DSC20
Configuration: 11' Right Raised DSC20 with Workbench Bumper
Rating: 20,000 Ft/Lbs
Storage: 131.3 cu/ft
Model: IMT 2020
Rating: 20,000 ft/lbs.
Controls: Radio
Max Lift: 5,000 lbs.
Max Reach: 20 ft.
Rotation: 400°
Model: BA440
CFM: 40
Type: Hydraulic
Options: Toolbox in LV1 & Bolt Bin LV2
Stock No: A13499
Status: Available
Rental: Not available for rent.
Price: On Request
Last Updated: April 30, 2024