Truck Mounted Air Compressor Comparison

The air compressor is the hardest working piece of equipment in a service truck package. Getting the right compressor for the job is essential to a productive mechanic. Each truck mounted air compressor is going to have PROs and CONs. This chart will help you think through what is the best option for your fleet

Hydraulic Piston
  • Lower Cost
  • Easier to Maintain
  • Can turn off and on repeatedly without a problem
  • Can Rebuild
  • Air Tank Required
  • Less Air vs. Rotary Screw
  • Wait For Air
  • Less Than 100% Duty Cycle
Hydraulic Rotary Screw
  • Air On Demand
  • Long Service Life w/ Proper Maintenance
  • No Air Tank Requirement
  • 100% Duty Cycle
  • Higher Cost
  • More Maintenance
  • Need to Bring Up to Temp Daily
Gas Powered
  • Lowest Cost
  • Runs Independent of Truck Chassis
  • Wait for Air
  • Less Air Output
  • Less Than 100% Duty Cycle
Combo Units (Miller EnPak, Others)
  • Runs Independent of Truck Chassis
  • Also can run Welder, Crane Hydraulics
  • Fuel Savings Payback
  • Reduces Chassis Hours (Maintenance)
  • Highest Initial Cost
  • Single Point of Failure
Underhood Compressors
  • 100+ CFM Available
  • Lower Weight
  • Does not take up bed / sidepack space
  • Highest Cost vs Hydraulic
  • Limited Space on New Chassis
  • Chassis Belt Driven (engine wear and tear)