Truck Mounted Robotics

QT Equipment is a pioneer in truck mounted robotics. Partnering with RoadPrintz, we have designed, engineered, and installed several Yaskawa robots on Ford chassis. These robots paint detail markings on roads (think SCHOOL, turn arrows, bike lanes) that would traditionally be done by hand with stencils. This significantly improves safety and reduces labor costs by two thirds.

Truck mounted robotics is a bleeding edge field that requires an interdisciplinary approach rarely seen in the truck equipment industry. Successfully integrating newer technologies such as robotics, software, GPS, battery management with the “old school” alternators, truck suspension is challenging but rewarding to help build the future of our industry.

We are currently not taking on new robotic adventures but would be happy to share our experience with anyone working on a similar project.

Robotic Marking: School Zone, Cross Walk, Bus Only Lanes