Field Service Solutions

Our complete line of work truck equipment. Check our Inventory for units that are on the ground, ready to work. We also build custom units to your spec.

IMT Mechanic Trucks

IMT is the leader in field service equipment with the Dominator® line of mechanic trucks. >>>Learn More

mechanic service truck, IMT

IMT Lube Trucks

IMT Lube trucks are designed and built to do PM work in the most demanding environments in the world. >>>Learn More

sitestar IMT lube truck

IMT Telescopic Cranes

IMT Hydraulic Telescopic Cranes were recently designed for maximum lift, safety, ease of use and up to 30ft of reach. >>>Learn More

telescopic crane, IMT

IMT Articulating Cranes

IMT Articulating Cranes provide the best of both worlds: American Brand and Support with the latest European Technology. >>>Learn More

truck mounted articulating (knuckleboom) crane

Lube Skids

Lube Skids bring your field service out of 5 gallon buckets for a cost effective, professional approach to PM work. >>>Learn More

lube skid

Custom Work Trucks

You Dream It, We Build it. >>>Learn More

lube trailer

Miller EnPak

Miller EnPak gives you 60 CFM of air, hydraulics to run your crane and generator / welding capabilities with your truck engine OFF! Save fuel. >>>Learn More

miller enpak

IMT Electric Cranes

IMT Electric Telescopic Cranes are a perfect, economical choice for low duty cycle needs. >>>Learn More

electric crane, IMT

Air Compressors

Truck Mounted Air Compressors deliver air to the job site... >>>Learn More

truck mounted air compressor