Boss BA440 Air Compressor

BOSS truck mounted air compressor.  Hydraulically driven.

The BOSS BA440 replaces the IMT DA435. They are almost identical units. The BOSS BA440 is a proven hydraulic piston compressor.

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You will need an air tank with this compressor and will need to wait for air pressure to build up unlike Rotary Screw Compressor models. The upside is that you have lower cost and you can cycle this compressor on and off all day long without a problem. Rotary screw compressors are desgined to run continuously and can cause headaches if they aren't allowed to build enough heat in the system.

BOSS BA440 Offers:

We also offer rebuilds on these units. Call 800-824-0622 for more information on compressor rebuilds.

Download BOSS BA440 Compressor Specs

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